Monday, February 23, 2009

Mini Lesson Feb.23

Multiples of Nine.
Here is a website that is worth checking out.


You are asked to pick a 2 digit number and then subtract those 2 digits from your number. ex. you choose 48 and subtract 4 and 8 from it. Your number is 36

You then find your number on a page of numbers and a matching gift.

The computer then tells you the exact gift you chose.


Have the class solve the problem. Have each student choose a number and subtract the two digits. List the numbers.

36, 45, 81, 18, 27

Do you see a pattern?

3+6, 4+5, 8+1

Now take a second look at the gift page. What is listed for 9, 18, 27, 36....?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February Update.

Hi, Hope everyone is doing well.
I have been working on a couple math topics that I hope you will find useful.
In math I have added a symmetry page that has a number of activities for different grade levels. I had some help from the Grade 6 class at Petite.
T Rex Math
I have reworked the TRex math page. I really think that counting in Base 4 or Base 2 exercises will help students who are having difficulty with Base 10.
Google Earth
While working on the area and perimeter page I stumble on a short Youtube video on using Google Earth. Find your school or a large building on Google Earth and then Tools, select your unit of measurement and you can get the dimensions of the building.
Science Shorts
A couple of things in science. February 12 is Darwin's birthday. On my Schedule page you can link to a free Gizmo that shows how climate change can effect the shape of a bird's beak.
We haven't had to many clear evenings but the planet Venus continues to dominate the early evening sky.
Remember to check the Science News. It is updated weekly.
Thanks for your time,